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Strata Forest - White Oak
Strata Forest - White Oak
Strata Forest - White Oak

Daymaker Productions also has a special interest in collaborating with those committed to making a difference. We are passionate about finding people and their stories involving missions making an impact in communities locally and around the world. We want to help tell and distribute stories that inspire, empower, uplift, and educate. Much of our content and outreach services help people- and promotes people helping people!

Our team is committed to helping new products, artists, and top brands make positive impressions. We help your message reach people in specific and segmented ways. We want to introduce your brand as authentic and relevant, as well as move your readers and viewers to take action. Daymaker Productions and our partners are skilled with developing and integrating social media and content strategies to help clients grow their audience and expand their influence and reach. Our goals include increasing brand awareness, driving engagement, and generating more leads for our clients.

Daymaker finds ways to contribute to and highlight social good. We provide valuable assistance and consultation to students and those in the nonprofit industries. Every day we are inspired by programs and individuals who are helping others in their communities around the world. We are always interested in hearing from people, potential partners, and sponsors who want to be included in our missions, content, and events! Daymaker Productions also created a community and education program that aims to be a resource to the student, young entrepreneur, and nonprofit communities. A portion of Daymaker’s proceeds goes towards sponsoring a non profit or student project through our Community and Education program. Find out more here.

Daymaker Productions believes in empowering creatives and encouraging the continuous, various expressions of what it is we are daily advocating for: Entrepreneurship and Art. We create award-winning narratives, music videos, and visuals for social media programming.

Huge Thank You To These Clients, Collaborators and Our Community Supporters:

Daymaker Community and Education Program

Since 2017, the program has worked to be a resource to the student, young entrepreneur, and nonprofit communities. Daymaker’s Community and Education Program partners with sponsors, local education institutions, nonprofits, brands, mentors and donors. Together we want to produce content, speaking engagements, panels, workshops, projects, events and higher education learning experiences. Our network includes philanthropists, industry professionals on various entrepreneurial and corporate levels who are looking to give back to the youth and non profit communities. The core of our content from this program helps people and promotes people helping people.

If you are a brand, industry professional, philanthropist, or sponsor interested in being a part of our Community and Education Program, we would love to hear from you.

If you are interested in helping Daymaker, come visit and collaborate with a school or non profit program of your choice contact us.

Sofia Monroe

Founder / CEO / Producer

Sofia has been on production teams for various networks, production companies, award shows, development and casting teams for over 10 years. Her experience includes working on independent projects, big brand content, viral videos and original content with companies such as Lionsgate’s LOL Network, Defy Media, MTV and others.Shortly after the move, Sofia found mentors who gave her the opportunity to help launch and establish their independent production company called Dream Factory Entertainment where she became head producer in 2012. The six micro budget feature films she and the team produced there were released internationally and domestically by the following distributors and more:

Her early career experience inspired Sofia to launch her company in 2016. Daymaker Productions has produced award winning content, worked with notable artists, influencers and created for brands such as Doritos, Caesars Palace, Luxor and Pepsi. On several company projects, Sofia has been a key component of the creative direction, content production, and marketing strategy of the clients’ long term branding goals. In addition to producing social and traditional content, the company launched a Community and Education program to be a resource, and support to students, the arts, community programs and nonprofits.

Over the years, Daymaker Productions has been fortunate to work with and add to an incredibly talented and diverse roster of filmmakers. Each project, we build a team of creative professionals that are spirited and skilled in their efforts to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.