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If you become a client of Daymaker, a portion of the proceeds will go towards sponsoring a non profit or student project through our Community and Education program. Find out more here.

Stories. Daymaker Productions and its team are passionate about finding and highlighting positive people and their stories. Featuring people or projects making an impact in communities locally and around the world, we want to help tell and distribute stories that inspire, empower, uplift and educate. Have a story to tell? Reach out.

Marketing. We are a fast growing and skilled production company that works with independent Artists, Brands and standout Agencies to help create and bring your vision to the public for Marketing and Advertising purposes. Let us help elevate your brand image and earn you higher visibility.

Philanthropy. Every day we’re inspired by nonprofits and individuals who are helping others in their communities around the world. Contributing to and highlighting social good is one of our company’s most meaningful missions. We are always interested in hearing from potential Partners and Sponsors who want to be included in our missions, content and events! Contact Us.

Art. Daymaker Productions believes in empowering Creatives and encouraging the continuous, various expressions of what it is we are daily Advocates for: Entrepreneurship and Art.

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Company Partners and Affiliates

Student Program

Daymaker Community and Education Program

Our company has developed a program that aims to be a resource to the student, young entrepreneurs, and non profit communities. Daymaker’s Community and Education Program partners with sponsors, local education institutions, non profits, brands, and donors to produce speaking engagements, panels, workshops, projects, events and higher education learning experiences for students and young entrepreneurs domestically and internationally. Our network includes philanthropists, industry professionals on various entrepreneurial and corporate levels who are looking to give back to the youth and non profit communities.

If you are a brand, industry professional, philanthropist , or sponsor interested in being a part of our Community and Education Program, we would love to hear from you.

If you’re interested in helping Daymaker come visit and collaborate with a school or non profit program of your choice contact us.

Meet Daymaker’s Core Team

Sofia Monroe

Founder / CEO / Producer

Originally from Pueblo,Colorado, Sofia Monroe was about a year into her Pre-Med studies when she realized she was meant to be a filmmaker instead. She left Colorado and came to Los Angeles to help ideas and narratives come into full-focus as a producer of film. Shortly after the move, the English and Mass Communications graduate from Adams State University helped launch and establish an independent production company named Dream Factory Entertainment as one of the head producers starting in 2012. Sofia has produced a wide range of content and has been on production teams for various other companies, award shows and independent projects. She has a passion for business, the performing arts, culture and exploring how to better connect people within and outside of their communities. Daymaker Productions was launched in 2016.

All six of Sofia L. Monroe’s micro-budget feature films produced between 2012-2015 with Dream Factory Entertainment have been made available domestically and internationally through the following distributors:

Christopher Hudson, Esq.

VP and Legal Counsel

Chris Hudson is an attorney with experience drafting a wide range of entertainment agreements for producers and talent. He’s passionate about production, traveling, and helping others.

Over the years, Daymaker Productions has been fortunate to work with and add to an incredibly talented and diverse roster of filmmakers. Each project, we build a team of creative professionals that are spirited and skilled in their efforts to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.